Perfumes Online, as the name implies, is an online perfume and cosmetics retailer.


Perfumes Online, to date, has a team of more than 20 employees divided by the customer service, all the stock management of products, specialized computer to ensure the proper functioning of the online store, responsible for the preparation of orders, managers logistics, among others ...


In addition to the excellent quality of the products available, Perfumes Online intends to offer its customers an excellent service. Thus, all employees are at the service of customers on a daily basis so that orders can be delivered in a short time and in the best conditions.


The company's mission is to offer the best products on the market at the lowest price, without ever giving up the quality of service and rest service, only in this way will it be possible to create a relationship of trust and loyalty of customers to our store.


Perfumes Online does not have a physical store, which makes all customer contact through e-mail or telephone contact. The centralization of sales only in online store is due to the need to reduce costs so that we can provide our customers with the best market price.


In this way, the products available to us are stored in the warehouse and shipped directly to our customers. Only then will it be possible to deliver orders within 2 to 3 business days.


All products available in our store are 100% original. However, if you have any questions or questions about the products you can always contact the customer service.


Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers. Only then will it be possible to keep our relationship loyal.